Nail Art – The Basic Steps

Nail art is a skill to be learnt. It requires patience, time and hard work. Mostly, detailed nail artwork is a work for professionals. It is expensive. You can do it at home too and complement your appearance.

Nail art makes you look beautiful and hence you need to do it several times in order to perfect it. Doing it for the first time can be disappointing. This doesn’t have to because this article serves as a good primer. nail art

You will learn nail art basic steps that you can learn to make yourself gorgeous at all times. The first basic step is involves making sure that your nails are in good shape.

You must learn how to maintain healthy and beautiful nails. Ensure that your nails are not split or bitten. It is not a must that you get manicure to have the perfect nails for nail art. All you need to do is keep them clean and well shaped. You should also maintain your cuticles in good shape and health by using petroleum jelly or moisturizers available locally.

The next basic step involves choosing the right product. Today, there are thousands of different nail paints and polishes that you can choose from. At first, you may not have the best choice. With time, try different types of polish or paint to determine which one suit you best. You can also experiment with acrylic craft paints which are a bit cheaper than nail paints and polish.

Nail art tools and accessories are available in local beauty shops and you should have them with you. Most importantly, make sure that you acquire nail polish remover, Q-tip and cotton balls to correct any mistakes in your nail art. nail art basicThe next nail art basic step involves looking for ideas and techniques. Whereas this article provides various ideas, it is wise to have in-depth information about the available techniques. You may book a session with a professional nail artist, read nail art books, and finally visit the Internet for video tutorials.

Before commencing any nail artwork, you should get your materials ready. You must know that you are working against the clock because nail polishes and paints dry relatively faster. Having every tool ready and accessible saves you from a lot of mistakes. You must then apply a base coat on your nails. The base coat strengthens your nails and produces a better finish. Ensure that it thoroughly dries before moving on to creating your nail art.

Creating nail art requires creativity. Keep your designs simple and beautiful. After you are through with the designs, apply a clear protective acrylic top coat. It seals and protects the designs.

By now, you have known that nail art is difficult. It is therefore important to care for the design that you have made. It is important to apply a clear top coat once in two or three days.  Applying cuticle oil daily will be of great help. Ensure that you protect your nails by wearing gloves when performing activities such as gardening.


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